“St. John’s Catholic School has been our children’s home away from home for the last ten years. We chose it because of its excellent reputation for academic excellence and because we wanted our children to have a good, strong foundation rooted in faith.  Our oldest daughter graduated from SJCS nearly two years ago and has achieved extremely high academic standing in her first two years of high school. She has a strong sense of self, an excellent moral compass, and she understands how important it is to serve her community.  SJCS certainly prepared her very well for the rigors of an honors education at the high school level while giving her that faith foundation that keeps her grounded. We couldn’t be prouder to have one St. John’s alumnus in our home and are thrilled to have her three siblings following in her path.  It is a joy to witness growth in their faith alongside their knowledge and a blessing to know that every day we are sending them to a place where they are loved and cared for beyond measure.”

The Salko Family, Parents