"Our connection with St. John’s Catholic School and All Saints Parish is deeper than just the education. This school was a priority to our family before my wife and I had children. As we started our housing search, the proximity to St. John’s and commuting considerations were in the forefront.  There was never a discussion about if our children would go to St. John’s, for our family it is a given.

As a Parent, I see aspects of the St. John’s community that eluded me as a student. The teachers are truly unique. They know the needs of their students and look for each student to meet their personal best and full potential. The community at St. John’s Catholic School is also beyond compare. There are no strangers at St. John’s. All the teachers know all the students, and all the students know each other. It is not uncommon to be out around town and have other students recognize my kids and greet them by name with warm, jovial embrace, even when out of uniform.

To those who know her, St. John’s Catholic School serves as the benchmark for education. There is a bond between those who are blessed with the connection of St. John’s. There is feeling that cannot be put into words of the joy, satisfaction, confidence, and prestige that surrounds the St. John’s experience."




The Shean Family, Parents