Technology Links

Here's a small list of interesting sites we might visit in the classroom that you can visit at home...



Poisson Rouge (Red Fish)

Scrub a Pup


Dora's Magical Garden

Dora's House

Sheep DASH

Sheep GAME (roundup)

Arts & Crafts

Mix and Paint (colors)

Paint By Letter

Splat Symphony

ABCYa Free Draw   (new)

KidMons Tiny Sketch  (new)

NickJr. Free Draw


Papal Encyclical, Laudato si' (24 May 2015) "a new dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet"    - Pope Francis

Paint and Make Our Environment

Design and Care for our Sea & Aquatic Life

Learn about and Explore our Planet

Build and Play in "Nature"

Go "Wild" Globally


Design a Church


Maine Kids dot-gov

USA Kids dot-gov (new)


10 Fast Fingers

Typing Games

Math & Science

Airlines Builder

Bugs in the system


Fill a Shape

Marble Maze

NASA - Cosmic Colors

NASA - Kids Club

Point of View

Railroad Repair


Steven the Seagull

The Bitaba Bird (geodes)

Invisible Alligators

The Brave Monkey Pirate

The Wiener Dog Magnet


Dr. Seuss

Learn4Good (thinking games)

Nick Jr. (Kids)

PBS Kids


National Zoo

Sandiego Zoo

Oregon Zoo

Bembo’s Zoo (animated)

National Geographic Kids

Animal Planet Live (Streaming Cams)

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Minnesota Zoo

London’s Interactive Farm


Jack OLantern Creator

Trick or Treat

Jack OLantern - Drag n Drop Puzzle

Jack OLantern - Jigsaw Puzzle

Pumpkin - Jigsaw Puzzle

Halloween Match Game

Halloween Candy Bags

Halloween Pumpkins

Typing of the Ghosts


Thanksgiving Color

Turkey Slide Puzzle

Mayflower Drag n Drop Puzzle

Turkey Jigsaw Puzzle

Corn Jigsaw Puzzle

Thanksgiving Match Game


Christmas Color #01

Christmas Color #02

Christmas Puzzles

Nativity Story via Social Media (video)


Easter Coloring Page

Design a Church

Data and Information

History of the Typewriter (wikipedia)

History of the Computer (wikipedia)

History of OS (wikipedia)

History of File Structure (wikipedia)

Directory Structure (University of West Georgia)

Vid Series #1: Original Purpose of Computers (Cameron Christensen)

Vid Series #2: Binary System Intro (Cameron Christensen)

Vid Series #3: Computer Hardware Basics (Cameron Christensen)

Vid Series #4: Computer Software Basics (Cameron Christensen)

Vid Series #5: Computer Speed (Cameron Christensen)

Vid Series #6: Computer Directory (Folder) Structure (Cameron Christensen)

Vid Series #7: Computer File Sizes - A (Cameron Christensen)

Vid Series #8: Computer File Sizes - B (Cameron Christensen)

Alt Tech

Paint a Nebula

Paint like Jackson Pollock

Picasso Head

Cray Machine

Explore Mars

Fly a Line

Build Your Own Kaleidoscope

Fun with Fractions

Alt Tech v.2.0

Music Adventure

Fun With Music - A Touch Piano

Music Machine

Sound Machine

Find the invisible cow? (sound)

Global Imagery

Animated Graphics

Driving Fun

More Activities