Parent Teacher Association

Parent Teacher Association

We recently changed from "Parents in Partnership" to "Parent Teacher Association (PTA)"

We are a committee and every parent or legal guardian of students enrolled at St. John's Catholic School is automatically a member.

What is the PTA role in our school?

The PTA helps parents become involved in their children's education, share ideas, and enrich their school's community. While the specific roles of the PTA vary, their responsibilities include electing parent members to serve on different teams and committees, conducting outreach to get parents involved in school life, supporting school activities like Parent/Teacher conferences, cafeteria help, Christmas craft show, and family lunches.

How do I join?

Every parent is welcome, you just need to attend a meeting! We encourage parents, guardians, grandparents, friends, and teachers to attend the meetings and join in our efforts to enrich our children's education. The PTA is a great way to be involved in our school. Meetings take place on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm in Mrs. John's classroom. For more information, please contact the school office.

Our Goal

The goal of the PTA and all of the parents at St. John's Catholic School is to annually raise $20,000 for our school through fundraising. It is our responsibility and we are required to raise a minimum of $20,000 this year to help offset the cost of our tuitions. As a commitment to this school, we achieve our goal through fundraising and as SJCS members, parents and guardians are required to donate time, talent, and money towards helping us obtain this goal.


This is a list of fundraisers that we currently participate in and would love to have your help in any way:

    • Bottle Drive
    • Box Tops for Education
    • Christmas Craft Show
    • Coffee Sales
    • Family Lunch
    • Family Night
    • Hannaford Helps
    • Ink Cartridge Collection
    • Jr. High Snack Shack
    • Poinsettia Sale
    • Scholastic Book Fair
    • Spirit Club
    • Used Uniform Sale
    • Wreath Sale

Please contact the school office for more information about these events!

PTA Leadership


President Mr. Joshua Shean
Vice President Mrs. Stacie Grondin
Secretary Mrs. Ann Backman


President Mr. Joshua Shean
Vice President Position Open
Secretary Mrs. Ann Backman
Co Treasurers Mrs. Jackie Miles / Mr. Chris Backman

Leadership Team Member

What is a Leadership Team Member? A Leadership Team Member (LTM) can be defined as a person who helps the classroom teacher with the task of organizing and executing various activities or events including social and/or academic. He or she is in charge of recruiting and guiding volunteers as well as getting the necessary supplies donated to help with preplanned activities.

The responsibilities of an LTM (mom or dad) vary depending on the nature of the class. Usually there are two roles for a class. These are the following tasks:

  • Social – coordinate social events such as a Christmas party, pizza party, Teacher Appreciation Day, help in the cafeteria, etc.
  • Academic – line up parent volunteers to help in the classroom. Volunteers may help with tasks such as reading, chaperones for class field trips, or other activities that are part of the class curriculum.
  • Fundraising – coordinate volunteers for events including the Auction (including class baskets), Christmas Craft Show, magazine drives, class gifts, and more.Leadership Team Members are responsible for recruiting volunteers, requesting supplies needed, and participate in scheduled events. They also delegate responsibilities to volunteers at each event.LTMs should establish and keep the lines of communication open with their teacher, for they are the ones who will relay important information to all classroom parents. Depending on your role, you may want to put together a schedule, calendar, or list of events at the beginning of each trimester. Your teacher may already have a list of events planned our, so do not re-invent the wheel. Send the schedule to the parents and ask them to sign up to either donate items or volunteer at these events. Once you have the volunteers in place, share this information with the class parents by sending out the schedule of events via hard copy or email. The PTA and/or the school office will provide a class roster which should include parents’ names, phone numbers, and/or email addresses. Email is probably the preferred method of communication so it is nice to have this roster on file.Asking parents to volunteer their time and/or donate items for an event is overall well received. Classroom parents have a choice: to help or not, but you have to ASK before a parent can make a choice.Plan ahead of time. You will not be able to recruit parent volunteers or have supplies donated if you wait until three or four days before the scheduled event. Notify parents if there are any changes in the scheduled events. Parents need advance notice and generally do not like last minute surprises. Send out hard copies or friendly email event reminders to volunteer parents approximately one week before a scheduled event. If needed, re-send the friendly reminder a few days prior to the event. Make phone calls only when necessary. Speak with other LTMs and exchange ideas and suggestions.If volunteers and/or supplies are in short supply, send out a short note to the parents explaining the situation. If the response is less than favorable then inform your teacher. He or she may have an alternate suggestion for the event or activity. You are under no obligation to foot the bill for party supplies, crafts, etc. Know your limitations as an LTM and express any concerns to your teacher or the PTA President/VP. They will understand.Communicate, communicate, communicate... with parents, teachers, and other LTMs!
    The bottom line is to help our children find ways to best enhance their learning experiences!