Ways to Give

SJCS1913A St. John's Catholic School education features a rewarding combination of academic excellence, community service, spiritual development, athletic success, and a vibrant visual and performing arts program. We offer an active community that encourages interaction among all of its members including teachers, students, alumni, administration, and friends.

For more than 125 years, SJCS teachers have inspired excellence by planting the seeds of FaithIntegrityRespectCourage, and Joy. Today our faculty continues to be the strength of our school; thanks to the generosity of people like you.

When you make a gift to SJCS, you are helping us retain and attract top-notch teachers. Your generous contributions also help us grant financial aid, purchase classroom materials, strengthen academic programs, maintain and enhance our historic campus, and stay up-to-date with computer equipment and technology.

As a diocesan school and non-profit organization, we need your help to meet our promise of providing the highest quality of education. Tuition covers some of our expenses, but not all and the costs rise every year.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Gifts may be made to the Annual Giving Program which helps balance the school's budget each year and supports all areas of the school - or to a restricted fund that supports a specific area of need, such as student financial assistance, professional development for faculty, the athletic program, or the art program. We also offer a variety of personally rewarding ways to give, including cash, appreciated securities, real estate, life insurance, and charitable remainder trusts.

If you are interested in making a donation to the school, you may email Amy Pelletier or call her at the school: (207) 725-5507.

Capital Giving

sjcsbwSince 1883, SJCS has grown and flourished through the generosity of its supporters. Capital gifts allow us the opportunity to undertake major project and to secure a strong future for the next generation of students.

Gifts made to the capital project allow St. John's Catholic School to address those larger projects that are essential to programs and which require additional funding that is not available in the annual operating budgets. As the Board and Parish look ahead, there are areas that will need to be addressed through capital gifts. Guided by the Campus Plan completed in 2010, we will proceed with the next phase of a Capital Campaign to raise money for the new Events Center which will provide a gymnasium, cafeteria, stage, music room, full kitchen, meeting space, and a small chapel.

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Annual Giving

respect01The Annual Giving Goal for the school year is $35,000.

Gifts to the appeal provide immediate and direct benefit to the school's ongoing daily programs as well as to each student and faculty member. Annual giving is an essential component of the school's budget, bridging the gap between tuition revenue and operating expenses. SJCS endeavors to base its tuition on the cost of essential services so that more families have the opportunity to give their children the benefit of a values-based education. The actual cost to educate an SJCS student for one year exceeds our annual tuition. The Annual Appeal helps to bridge the gap between tuition and diocesan support and the school's expenses. The appeal raises funds that are absolutely critical to the school's annual operating budget.

Each year, through the budget process, we determine the fundraising goal. This year, the actual gap between the cost of educating each child and the tuition paid per child is approximately $3000.

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Endowment Giving

MCHPPParadeGifts to the SJCS Unrestricted General Endowment allow the school to reach its strategic priorities, create fiscal stability, and safeguard the integrity of the school's mission. However, donors who would prefer to restrict their gift for a particular purpose may establish an endowed fund within the guidelines established by the diocese. These guidelines ensure that the income from the fund will be sufficient to provide the designated level of support. For instance, a named financial aid fund would need to be of a certain minimum size to provide an appropriate level of support for a student.

If you are interested in endowment giving to the school, you may email Amy Pelletier or call her at the school: (207) 725-5507.