“We moved from Virginia to Maine for work when our oldest was two.  We were committed to raising our children in this new place, far from our family and friends.  We immersed ourselves in All Saints Parish, joined a Family Group and began to develop meaningful friendships.

This was the first parish we belonged to that also had a school.  Having the opportunity to put our kids through a private education was a dream, but we were now faced with a decision to make.  Not just a decision on where to send our oldest for Kindergarten, or how to pay tuition, but a real commitment to the type of education we wanted to provide for all our children.

We spoke with current and former SJCS parents about their experience. The feedback was everything you want in your child's educational experience, glowing reviews about the teachers, high academic standards, small class sizes, and more.  One couple simply said, "We absolutely love St. John's, you will not regret sending your children there."

Four years later and our love for our little school has grown immensely.  We now have four children, two of which are current students and the younger ones will be in a few years.  Our children are in small classes and are challenged in a rigorous yet fun academic curriculum.  Most importantly, their daily routine involves learning and embracing our catholic faith, which we feel is the greatest gift.

We are among an entire school community of wonderful families and educators, we feel beyond blessed to have the opportunity to attend SJCS.”

The Smith Family Parents

“SJCS offers a classic education that is so important to academic success. We blend the old with the new. This is not available in public education. Teachers here have the flexibility to teach our curriculum and mold it to our student needs. The teaching is not scripted here.”

Mrs. Curry, Kindergarten Teacher

“My family has trusted this school for over four generations and after nearly 29 years, there is a lot I love about this place. Besides being my second home and having such a generational pull on me, I think of St. John’s being a good place, a family oriented place, a place of high educational expectations, a place where God lives. For me, teaching about God and being able to celebrate the religious side of holidays and seasons is just the best, especially during Lent. Bottom line: I love this beautiful old school.”

Mrs. Cogswell, Pre-K Teacher