School Board

St. John Catholic School Board Members

Pastor Fr. Tom Murphy
Principal Ms. Patricia Berthiaume

Chair Dr. Tom Boulette
Vice Chair Dr. Walter Higgins
Secretary Mrs. Kimberly Scott
Recording Secretary Mrs. Christine Pitteroff
Finance Mr. Patrick Morin

Mrs. Cara Martin-Tetreault
Mrs. Mary Jane Favreau
Mr. Tim Hanley
Mr. Bob Conger

The School Board functions as an advisory board to the Pastor and Principal in matters relating to St. John’s Catholic School. The school board promotes a clear understanding and communicates the mutual educational responsibility of parents, teachers, and administrators. It assists the school in achieving the goal of providing a quality Catholic education to students by integrating the teachings of the Catholic Church throughout the educational process, and guiding students toward a conscious choice of living a responsible Catholic life.

The School Board identifies and articulates the educational needs and aspirations of the school and school community. These goals become the basis for program objectives, policies, and action plans for the educational program.